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Introducing our teachers

Larry Terkel

Larry Terkel

Larry's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/larry.terkel

At home in both the spiritual and business world, Larry's interests have taken him around the world, including India, Israel, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has been studying yoga and meditation for over 30 years. Larry has studied with many different masters and teachers including Swami Satchitananda, B.K.S Iyengar, and Swami Vishnudevanda.

Larry has a Masters degrees in Theology from Kent State University and in Business from Cornell University, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

Larry teaches our Wednesday night drop-in hatha yoga class and leads the Sunday morning Yoga Teacher Training. Larry and his wife Susan are the founders of the Spiritual Life Society and Hudson Yoga Center and have recently authored the book small change...It's the LITTLE Things in Life that make a BIG Difference!.

Larry has also performed over 2000 weddings as Minister of the Spiritual Life Society and speaks around the country on various topics. Visit Larry's speaker website at www.larryterkel.com.

E-mail Larry at larry@aum.org

Larry Don't try this at home...
Matt Lerner

Matt Lerner

Matt's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/matt.lerner

Like Larry, Matt is a full-time business executive with frequent international travel. Matt has been studying yoga and meditation since his early college days in 1975. He began teaching in 1977 and was president of the Yoga Meditation Society of Madison, Wisconsin. He has lived in Israel and has traveled through Europe, India, Africa, Japan, Thailand, Bali, Mexico and the Caribbean. He has lived and studied at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and was certified to teach Hatha Yoga by Yogiraj Behramji. He has studied extensively with many other teachers and masters, including Swami Rama of the Himalayas, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Swami Veda, Rudolph M. Ballentine, MD, Swami Shantanand, and Swami Ajaya.

Matt has a BS Psychology and an Masters in Business from the University of Wisconsin, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

Matt directs our Yoga Teacher Training and Certification program, teaches our Introduction to Yoga and Meditation class and livens up many of our programs with his guitar playing. Visit Matt's music website at www.openmicmusic.org.

E-mail Matt at matt@aum.org

Matt plays guitar

Gennie Tierney,

Gennie's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/gennie.tierney

Gennie began teaching yoga in 1979. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin and has taught yoga, exercise, and nutrition at the Himalayan Institute's Combined Therapy program in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. In addition to her Yoga Teacher Certification, Gennie is also certified in Jin Shin Jytsu (Acu-pressure). Gennie has traveled through Europe, India, and Latin America, and has studied extensively with Rodney Yee, Yogiraj Behramji, Dean Lerner, Manuso Manos, and Ana Forest.

Gennie teaches private Yoga classes and also teaches at local community centers and clubs. She and fills in at the Hudson Yoga Center when needed, and has a private practice for in Jin Shin Jytsu (Acu-pressure).

For more information on private classes, other classes, or for Jin Shin treatments, please e-mail Gennie at gennie@aum.org

Robb Blain, RYT

Robb's's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/robb.blain

Robb is a graduate from our own Yoga Teacher Training Program, an enthusiastic student and an inspiring teacher. In addition to his certification through the Spiritual Life Society with Larry and Matt, Robb has studied with Dean Lerner and Manju Jois, and has completed yoga teacher training at Bhumi's Yoga and Wellness Center under the guidance of Harriet "Bhumi" Russell, for which he received his "RYT". Congratulations Robb!

Robb is presently teaching yoga full time at clubs, workshops, filling in at community centers in the greater Cleveland area, and doing private one on one training.

E-mail Robb at scubayoga@yahoo.com

Robb teaching <i>leg cradles</i>

Carson Heiner, RYT

Carson graduated from Kent State University in 1974 in Philosophy and English Literature. While there he joined the KSU yoga club and soon began to take turns leading the class. He completed formal teacher training at Kripalu Yoga center in 1974 and has been teaching yoga ever since. In 1975, he spent 3 months in India, studying Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and Zen, and suffered many mosquito bites meditating in the cave where Buddha was enlightened near Budhgaya.

He has studied in several traditions with, Manju Jois, Tim Miller, Baron Baptiste, Yogi Bhajan, Larry Schultz, Amrit Desai and Larry Terkel, and Martha Marcom, as notable teachers who have influenced his teaching.

Carson is a "professional" yoga teacher, leading classes daily at various locations throughout the Akron-Cleveland area. Many of his classes are in the "Power Yoga" tradition. Carson is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

E-mail Carson at carson100@prodigy.net

Carson on his head!

Lisa Thiel

Lisa's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/lisa.thiel

Lisa is currently an RYT-200, and was certified in the Brahmrish Yoga Teacher Training program in 2006. She expects to complete her 500 hour level certification sometime in 2009. She has been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1998 under the guideance of a number of well-respected teachers, both locally and nationally. She has studied in a variety of styles, including Brahmrishi, Anusara, Yin Yoga, Iyengar, and Viniyoga.

Through her trainings, she has placed an emphasis on anatomy and the more clinical applications of Yoga and therefore tends to teach mostly in the style of Therapeutic Yoga – a meditative, slower-paced style that focuses on adapting poses and creating variations to meet individual needs.

Lisa believes strongly in incorporating the breath to assist the asanas and to bring a sense of softness and sweetness (sthira) into the practice, and in strengthening the core as the center of our stability (sthira).

In addition to her classes at the Spiritual Life Society, Lisa teaches lunchtime corporate Yoga and private sessions. S.J.

Email Lisa at lisathiel@roadrunner.com

Nichole Miller, CYT

Nichole's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/nichole.miller

Nichole has studied yoga for over ten years, first coming to the practice to regain her balance after a sports injury. She has had the privilege of studying under some wonderful teachers along the way, both locally and in Los Angeles, where she lived for a few years. Nichole has been teaching since 2006 and in 2008 received her Yoga teaching certification from YogaFit® Trainings Systems. She earned her prenatal/postpartum yoga teaching certification in 2009 while pregnant with her second child.

In addition to her classes at the Spiritual Life Society, Nichole teaches at LifeCenter Plus and other local centers.

Email Nichole at nicholecm@gmail.com

Nancy Holland Myers

photo by Lynn Keller
Nancy's Yoga webpage: www.yogateacher.org/nancy.holland.myers

Certified as a Yoga Instructor at the 200-hour level, Nancy’s Yoga teaching approach draws from a number of contemporary styles, with deep reverence to the known origins and principles of the ancient science and practice. Nancy’s classes combine classical Hatha Yoga with vinyasa flow, and deeper and longer holding of postures, allowing for greater attention to alignment, a chance to cultivate breath, strength and flexibility, and an opportunity to truly savor the experience of uniting mind and body, heart and soul. Nancy’s "Yoga Basics" class is suitable for the absolute beginner, as well as the seasoned practitioner looking to refine technique. Expect to move, breathe and lift your heart!

A long time Yoga practitioner and an experienced teacher, Nancy co-founded “Free Akron Yoga” in 2009, and is the owner/director of Blue Hen Yoga, in West Akron (www.faceboo.com/blue.hen.yoga). Nancy is also an attorney, with a private business and employment law practice, also located in Akron.

Email Nancy at blue.hen.yoga@gmail.com

SLS Certified Trained Teachers

For more information on our Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program, visit  www.YogaTeacher.org.

Joan Brandon
Joan Brandon
CYT (1992)
Joan is a trained Emergency Medical Technician for the Hudson EMS. She substitute teaches for the Hudson Yoga Center whenever needed!

Charle Watkins
Charlie Watkins
CYT (2001)
Charlie teaches Hatha Yoga for adult education with Akron Uuniversity.
Rhonda Kuester
Rhonda Kuester
CYT (2003)
Rhonda teaches Hatha Yoga at the Kent State Univesity in the Health & Wellness Center, as well as other local venues.
Jen Maurer
Jen Maurer
CYT (2001)
Jen, along with her husaband Sam, teaches Hatha Yoga at LifeCenter Plus in Hudson.

Colleen Liotta
CYT (2002)
Colleen teaches Hatha Yoga and Relaxation skills at the Cleveland Clinic.
Reed Porter
Reed Porter
CYT (2003)
Reed substitutes at the Hudson Yoga center whenever we need her help.

Terik Hartz
CYT (1989)
Terik has been studying and teaching Yoga and Reiki for many years. Terik substitutes at the Hudson Yoga Center as needed.

George Kroto
CYT (1986)
George teaches hatha yoga in the Cleveland Heights area. He was certified by the Spriritual Life Society and Hudson Yoga Center in 1986.

Valerie Dearing
RYT (2009)
Valerie lives and teaches in near Youngsown, Ohio. For more information, visit www.valeriedearing.com

Mary Donatelli Schmitt
RYT (2006)
Mary substitutes at the Hudson Yoga Center as needed.

Chris Rigby
RYT (2008)

More Graduates not pictured: Eleanor Esposito, 1985; Kim Koson, 1986; Marni Terkel, 1996; Jason Frankenhaus, 2002; Robert Guerke, 2004;

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