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    We can help you design a customized Corporate Yoga Program that will help keep your people focused, flexible, happy, and healthy and add to your bottom line!

    Our Program Directors, Matt Lerner and Larry Terkel, are both full-time executives and owners of international, non-Yoga businessess, so we understand what you need to help your employees be more productive.

    Our Corporate Yoga Programs include:

    • Free consultation to help you design your program

    • Pilot programs available

    • Certified, experienced Yoga instructors

    • Weekly classes available before work, during the workday, lunchtime, or after work

    • Special Workshops

    • Same teacher or rotating teachers

    • Multiple styles of Yoga

    • All levels of instruction

    • Hatha Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, and other tradional Yoga techniques

    • Stress Management and Relaxation Skills training

    Issues to consider in putting together your Corporate Yoga program:

    • What type of Yoga class is suitable for the space you have available

    • Extra time needed for employees to change into suitable clothing

    • Certain types of classes or exercises that are not suitable immediately after lunch

    • Do you want to offer one class suitable for all, or multiple classes at different levels?

    • Waiver of liability for your company and the Yoga instructor/Yoga School

    • Accessories that might be helpful, such Yoga mats, blocks, belts, and blankets

    In choosing a Corporate Yoga provider you might want to consider:

    • Are the instructors certified to teach Yoga and recongized by any national associations such as YogaAlliance?

    • Is the provider and the instuctor(s) familiar with the special needs of a Corporate Yoga Program?

    • Does the provider have a team of instructors to maintain continuity of teaching in case of vacation, illness, or other interuptions?

    • How long has the instructor(s) been teaching?

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